Statement of Qualifications

The University of Texas at Arlington, Civil Engineering Department, Center for Structural Engineering Research, Simulation and Pipeline Inspection, (CSERS‐PI) is specializing in Sanitary Sewer Asset Management and Condition Assessment Services. The CSERS‐PI has formed a collaborative effort with RedZone Robotics technology and experience with advanced pipeline assessment to create a marketing collaboration called Public Water Solutions.

For the collaboration, The CSERS‐PI will be providing analytical services, advanced research techniques, state‐of‐the‐art laser and sonar data analysis software developed for this particular application, conversion of electronic pulse data through graphical interface, graphical condition assessment of each inspected line, pipeline service life prediction through failure analysis, and developing the final information through presentations and reports. 

Why a collaboration? The CSERS‐PI in 2015 formed a collaboration with a major metropolitan city which allowed the university staff to participate in the survey, data analytics, and the development of the client information deliverables. This team has worked together, and the leadership has unique associations and familiarity on similar projects positioning the group to deliver the most valuable analysis and actionable plans for various utilities. The collaborative team has the experience, worked in conjunction with and has delivered comprehensive asset management plans in other major cities.