Pipeline Analytics

The more data we turn into information, the more prepared we are for the future. Inside every utility sits a treasure trove of data, and many governments are becoming aware of just what analyzing this data can do for predicting outcomes.

Public Water Solution provides the advanced data transformations necessary to have confidence when planning pipeline replacement and renewal. Our targeting capabilities use the most of the data already preserved in your enterprise. We also provide collection abilities through RedZone Robotics to go deep into areas previously accessible only through expensive digs.

We combine some or all of the following in our analytical partnerships with city governments:

- Mobilize Off-Site Program Management Office
- Develop Gap Analysis Report
- Prepare Program Budget
- Project Total Costs
- Prepare Product Schedule
- Create Program Criteria
- Create Hiring Templates
- Prepare Guidance Documents

- Implement Program Management Information System (PMIS)

We have saved cities throughout the United Stated time and helped more accurately plan their futures by analyzing their historical and present-day data.

In Houston, RedZone inspected over 300,000 linear feet of 48" sewage pipe. They collected CCTV, gas spectrometer, sonar, and 3D laser imaging data. Our analysis of this data will be used by Houston city planners for decades to come in determining when pipe segments will be replaced. Data will also be used by the University of Texas at Arlington to better design construction materials and best practices.

RedZone helped the city of Peachtree, GA analyze data from pipes that had been installed by developers before the existence of the city itself. The city knew where these pipes were located but had no idea as to the materials used in the pipes or how they had held up over time. This piping network consisted of the oldest pipe segments in the city. We were able to go into the pipe, collect data and give the city the information it needed to understand their inherited pipes and when they would need to be replaced.

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