Inspection Services

Robots in the pipeline are safer, less disruptive, and collect a wealth of data. The old methods result in unneeded digs, replacements, and disruptions. Millions of dollars are being spent needlessly when Public Water Solutions can micro-target almost every segment of pipe and not only evaluate whether it is going to fail, but project up to a century into the future when each segment will fail. We save cities money and overall project time by reducing the number of segments that get replaced in any given year.

Public Water Solutions provides the business resource for putting to use the combined skills of our partners.

RedZone is a 31-year- old spinoff from Carnegie Mellon University's Department of Robotics. The company anticipated designing advanced robotic applications for various industries, but almost immediately since its inception, RedZone has had a focus on creating robotics fined-tuned for city water and sewage systems.

RedZone Robotics has inspected over 70 million linear feet of pipe. The work of their robots has transitioned repair management from a reactive mode (let's fix it when it breaks), to a planning mode. Client utilities can know the lifecycle of their sewage network over the next century. This has proven popular with city managers as it allows for better budgetary planning and fewer dollars spent in any given year.

Inspections work to accomplish three things:

- Find Prematurely Failed Pipe
- Find Pipe That Exceeds Life Expectancy
- Predict Field Lifespan of Each Segment

RedZone has robots that can inspect inside pipes as small as 8", making robot assessment accessible to the vast majority of water and sewage pipe systems. Their robots are small and can be carried by a technician. This frees up uses of robotics from a cumbersome process involving specialists to something that can be used to make immediate technician-based assessments of previously inaccessible areas.

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