Over 71 Million Linear Feet of them.

After completing over 71 million linear feet of sewage pipeline inspection and saving the City of Arlington, TX over
$17 million in sewage and storm drain related infrastructure costs. PWS was created to bring this expertise to other
municipalities, while helping finance the inspection, replacements, improvements, or any sewage system needs.

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At Public Water Solutions, we combine the innovation of University of Arlington’s Center for Structural Engineering Research/Simulation and Pipeline Inspection, the advanced robotics of RedZone, and AI analytics, to help identify specific sewage or drainage pipelines that needs to be repaired or replaced, build an asset management model, and redistribute capital to projects that truly need it.

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Public Water Solutions has created real-world solutions for problems facing our most basic infrastructures. We are fusing the cutting-edge of robotics, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to more wisely analyze and predict water and sewage pipe problems. Our program has already saved the city of Arlington, TX over $17 million.

Our focus is on the practical. The technology that we've developed highlights current problems and predicts the long-term replacement needs of pipeline structures. No other organization matches our capabilities. We combine the unique robotic abilities of Redzone Robotics, the analytical engineering prowess of the University of Texas at Arlington and Artificial Intelligence. We can save your city money and help better plan your future.

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Step by Step Process

Condition Assessment

To establish a comprehensive fact‐based baseline asset management approach for a utility's sewage and drainage pipeline, PWS will bring a world‐class team from the University of Texas at Arlington and the leading pipeline assessment tool, RedZone Robotics, to provide superior deliverables that save costs and deliver results. From this teaming effort, a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and technology can now be offered to other cities who seek to perform a systemwide structural analysis of the sewer collection system which is cost efficient and effective to manage. This ability allows for a systematic process during the stages of data collection, processing, evaluation, decision support, and modeling.


RedZone Robotics will provide state‐of‐the art yet affordable, scanning equipment, and unparalleled experience in pipe assessment. RedZone Robotics will be managing and performing the field activity during the inspection phase, The University of Texas at Arlington will be providing analytical services, advanced research techniques, and AI Analytics to complete your recommended strategy.


PWS has teamed up with Merrill Lynch JP Morgan and others to help finance municipal waterworks improvement projects. These banks are aware of the cost saving we have brought to several municipalities. We can help you finance your infrastructure deals and unlock significant cost savings, allowing you to allocate resources on other needs.

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