Asset Management

The best way to present a project for city approval is to show how it will save time and money in order to solve an otherwise intractable and expensive problem. Public Water Solutions facilitates not only the technology and analytics, we can also supply asset management and financing for the project so costs can be distributed how they best serve a client's budget.

We will even dedicate members of our staff to work exclusively on your project for the duration of the inspection, analysis, and implementation phase. Our goal is for a client city to emerge with a clear picture of their water and sewage system, along with a future plan based on the most accurate information using the most up-to- date analytics.

Asset management is provided by long-term RedZone partner CDM Smith. They have worked with RedZone in several major cities to optimize systems. CDM Smith can:

- Provide Master Planning Services
- Design Asset Management Program
- Assist In Regulatory Compliance
- Assist In Bidding Services
- Advise On Sustainability
- Connect With Leading-Edge Technological Advances

Case In Point

We provided the city of Columbia, SC with the asset management strategy necessary to support their Clean Water 2020 Program. They wanted to take a holistic approach to their complex water system. They had over 1000 miles of gravity main with 67,000 service connections.

Public Water Solutions provided the asset management along with robotic and analytical capabilities to provide organizational improvements in comprehensive operations and maintenance. We provided the city with the processes and staff to implement the improvements. We also upgraded the city's current CCTV and software management system, implementing a program of continuous improvements to efficiently analyze wastewater data and create a better system for decades into the future. Columbia's city manager thanked us for giving them the additional capability to better evaluate and respond to devastating flood impacts.

Contact Public Water Solutions to find out all the ways we can help your city save time and money on its water and sewage infrastructure.